Fruit Cake ll
Chocolate Fruit Cake (EL)

Elements: 1 Kg. Eggless Fruits Cake

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Chocolate Cake (EL)
Chocolate Truffle Cake (EL)

Elements: 1 Kg. Eggless Chocolate Truffle Cake

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Chocolaty Choco (EL)
Chocolaty Choco (EL)

This dark Egg Less chocolate cake is sinful and yummy. Beautifully hand crafted round cake embossed by butter cream piping. Beautifully glossed and a strawberry topping.

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black Forest cake ll
Double Black Forest Cake (EL)

Elements: 1 Kg. Eggless Black Forest Cake

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Fruit cake (EL)
Fruit Cake (EL)

This Egg Less fruit cake has toppings like oranges, apples, grapes, cherries, kiwi and pineapple, which gives it a fruity taste. Coupled with the soft mushy texture and white glaze, it is perfect for a birthday party.

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Heart Shape Chocolate cake
Hearty & Rosy Chocolate Cake (EL)

Elements: 1 Kg. Eggless Chocolate Cake

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Pink Vanilla (EL)
Pink Vanilla (EL)

Simplistic pleasure is what Vanilla flavour stands for, send this yummy Egg Less Vanilla Cake to your friends or family on their special day. Suitable for occasions like Birthdays, Get-togethers etc.

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Strawberry Cake (EL)
Strawberry cake(EL)

This Egg Less strawberry cake has the essence of strawberry, with fresh cream and is topped with cherries. It has rose shaped icing and is layered and decorated with icing all over.

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vanila Cake (EL)
Vanilla Cake (EL)

Pep up the birthday fun with this round shaped Egg Less vanilla cake, creatively decorated and topped with beautiful, colourful roses which are edible. It is neatly iced with fresh cream and every bite of it will give you the … Read More

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