12 red roses bouquet
A Dozen for Love

Elements: 12 Red Roses Bunch

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Pink and White Roses bunch
A Simple Expression of Love & Admiration

Elements: 12 Pink n White Roses Bunch wrap with pink ribbon

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Mix flower
An Elegant Vase of Floral Delight

Elements: Carnation, Roses & Lily

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Red Roses Bunch
Be Happy Be Loved

Lovely fresh bunch of 12 red roses for all happy occasions, wrapped up in beautiful colored cellophane. Pair it with chocolate cake for a perfect wish.

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White and Red Roses Bunch
Bouquet of Grandeur

Elements: 12 Red n White Roses Bunch Wrap with Tissue Paper n Red Ribbon

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Yellow Roses With Yellow Tissue paper
Bunch of Magic

Elements: 12 Yellow Roses Bunch Wrap with Tissue Paper

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Roses With charm
Charming Love

This beautiful designed fresh rose bunch with white fillers is wrapped in soft colored butter paper and tied with a white ribbon. This wonderful creation is to charm your friends and family.

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yellow roses bunch

Elements: 24 Yellow Roses

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Blue Orchid
Dainty Orchids in a Ribbon

Elements: Bunch of 10 Blue Orchid

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pink roses
Delightful Mother’s Day

A perfect gift for your precious mother, or a nice gift for your granny. A 12-Pink Roses bouquet wrapped in matching pink paper and pink ribbon.

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24 Roses bunch
For Your Valentine

25 Red Roses Bunch with nice wrapping

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Carnation Bunch
Fragrant Love

Elements: Red Carnation Bunch with Nice Wrapping

Note: If you want to change the color of flowers, please mention on “Any Other Preference Box in billing page”.

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